Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My very first blog entry...

I am so excited to finally join the world of blogging! My inspiration for starting a blog? I am the proud owner of a web shop at where I make wooden jewelry holders and wooden jewelry. My shop is titled Paisley Mill. I have so much fun making things for my shop that I just have to show everyone what I am up to.

I think this blog will be about pieces I am making and all the activities that go on in my web shop community.

I also love to show off my family and all the things we do.

I will show my creative process and inspirations through pictures.

I want to show everyone my world.

I want to offer some simple tutorials on the creative things I come up with. This seems like the perfect place to do so!

I will have new features as often as possible.

I really can't wait to put together some collections of all the beautiful pieces that my fellow "Etsians" offer. I think everyone should know the beauty of handmade!

I will have lots of fun because that is what I am good at!

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